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Avalanche beacons, snow shovels, saws, probes, etc.


Ortovox S1+

The S1+ is the second generation of the world’s first microprocessor sensor-controlled avalanche transceiver, allowing for easy, and unambiguous, simultaneous scans of all signals found in a avalanche area, showing the position and distance to all buried persons on a large, illuminated display. The searcher can then move to align the displays “cross-hairs” with the position of the burial on the constantly updated display until the S1+ display indicates the precise location and depth of the burial. The searcher can then mark the physical location, flag the location on the S1, and head immediately toward the next signal without having to analyze complicated signals, or employ complicated methods for reaching the next point of burial. Also unique to the S1 (and the Ortovox 3+) is its Smart Antenna Technology, witch analyses the position of the antennas in the avalanche and automatically switches to two most optimal transmission antennas, sending a dramatically stronger signal to rescuers above. You’re going to be more easily found.  Other transceivers may even have 3 antennas, but are stuck with only predetermined single antennas in send mode, and if that single antenna is pointing the “wrong” way the signal is going to be weaker, and the rescue is most likely going to take more time. Simply put, the S1 is the most technically advanced, intuitive, and effective avalanche transceiver available. The S1 also has the following additional features:

  • Digital (sensor controlled) 3 antennas
  • Fully illuminated 360 degree display
  • Compatibility with the world-wide 457 HZ frequency standard
  • Digital reception range: approx. 55-m
  • Search strip width: up to 50-m
  • Size: 120 x 80 x 30-mm
  • Weight: 250 Gr. (with batteries and case)
  • Batteries: 2 x AAALR3 mini 1.5 V
  • Battery life: transmitting: about 250 hrs., receiving: about 10 hrs.
  • Warranty: 5 years

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Ortovox 3+ Transceiver

Smart, Fast, Easy! With the unique 3+ avalanche transceiver you are in command of the situation. The Smart Antenna Technology with Intelligent Position Recognition switches automatically to the best transmission antenna. You get better found: the 3+ is a three-antenna device with a special extra function to first enhance your own safety. The intelligent position recognition system analyses the position of the antennas and automatically switches to the optimal transmitting antenna. There is no longer any such thing as the 'worst position.You find faster: the circular display lets you focus on the essentials—the distance to, and relative position of a victim. The solid arrow and the central distance value keep you going in the right direction. You find more exactly: the patented circular display shows you at a glance whether you are getting closer to the signal or moving away from it. With the precise distance value you can very effectively determine the distance to the buried victim and limit the area to be probed. You find more victims: the 3+ allows you to maintain an overview even with multiple burials. The number of victims is shown in the display. As soon as you have found the first one you can blend out their signal with the pin key. The victim is displayed as pinned and you can immediately continue with your search. The 3+ comes equipped with a carrying bag with an elastic cord, and has the following additional features:

  • Digital (sensor controlled) Smart Antenna System
  • Fully illuminated display for low light situations
  • Compatibility with the world-wide 457 HZ frequency standard
  • Maximum reception range: approx. 41-m
  • Search strip width: up to 40-m
  • Rubberized housing for protection and ergonomics
  • Upgradeable software capabilities
  • Size: 73 x 122 x 27-mm
  • Weight: approx 200 Gr.
  • Batteries: 1 alkaline AA 1.5 V LR06
  • Battery life: transmitting: about 250 hrs.

$ 349.00
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Ortovox Patroler Digital Transceiver

The all-digital feature of the Patroller makes it very easy to use. The device is equipped with three antennas, is extremely precise in pinpointing signals, and gives additional indication of multiple burials in a confined space. The display clearly shows the precise distance to the victim and indicates the direction to search by means of three LEDs. The Patroller Digital comes with a one-belt system that guarantees a comfortable and safe handling. The device is very light at just 247 g. The housing is completely waterproof, impact-resistant and ergonomically shaped. An express emergency changeover switching from reception to transmission can be activated in case of a follow-up avalanche, providing extra safety. The Patroller Digital requires only two AA batteries that can be bought everywhere and has a sensational transmission time of 300 hours.

$ 249.00
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ImageOrtovox Professional ALU Shovel:

Lightweight, strong, ergonomic, easy to assemble, with sufficient blade volume to move large amounts of snow, the Ortovox Professional ALU is the ultimate snow shovel, with multifunction capabilities that allow it to be used as a snow shovel and snow hoe for avalanche study / rescue work, and for building Igloos / snow caves. The Professional ALU has the following features:

  • Aluminum alloy blade for high strength-to-weight ratio, and stiffness, with non-linier leading edge for easier hard snow penetration
  • Telescoping 70-cm. aluminum alloy handle with reversible ergonomic T-grip for right or left hand use.
  • Handle mates with optional Ortovox Snow Saw for cutting snow-blocks, and sawing through wood.
  • Weight: 600 gr.

$ 69.00
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Orotvox 240 Light Probe

Strong, lightweight, and quickly assembled, the Ortovox 240 Light Probe has the following features:

  • Special probe heads make a hole diameter larger than the shaft for easier handling, and to prevent freezing.
  • Colored aluminum alloy tubes (6) with markings for ease of determining probe depth.
  • Super strong Kevlar cable that's guided precisely through the center of the probe assembly for increased stability.
  • Length: 240-cm. Unsassembled length 40-cm.
  • Weight: 240 gr.

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Snow Sense--book

An informative avalanche handbook and guide to evaluating snow avalanche hazard. Topics include: avalanche hazard evaluation, terrain, weather, proper route selection, decision making, and avalanche rescue techniques.

  • 114 pages.

    $ 12.50

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